Handcrafted leather goods to last a lifetime

At Whitstable Craft Co., we're making leather items just like they used to; by hand, with the best materials and, to last. The best leather doesn't wear out, it wears in. See for yourself.

Handmade leather card holders

The best minimalist card holders money can buy. Crafted by hand, guaranteed for life. Swap out your back pocket behemoth for a sleek card holder.

Hand cut, crafted, stitched and finished in the UK.

Handmade from start to finish.

See the process

More than just wallets

Hey, I'm James, the crafter behind Whitstable Craft Co. I take immense joy from creating high-quality, minimalist wallets that will last for life... and I like not staring at screens for 8 hours a day!

James - founder

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