Branded Corporate Gifts

Get a made to order, custom branded, handmade leather wallet as a gift for your team or clients.


Searching for high-quality corporate gifts can be a hassle. Do you get them some a printed mug? T-shirts? A water bottle?

All viable options, but why not go for something that will make a lasting impression? Something that will be carried with them every day with a gentle reminder of your brand.

A branded leather wallet is going to make that impression.

All the products from this store can be custom branded with an embossed stamp in the leather. That means you're not just limited to wallets, you could get a mousepad, desk pad or coasters to add to your office to share your brand.

Custom order for team at Simple Poll

Just fill out the form and I’ll respond the same day to create the order for you.

All I ask is you cover the cost of the stamp (£50) and order a minimum of 5 products.

Prefer just to just send an email? Get in touch at: