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About Whitstable Craft Co

I’ve become more fond of things I can purchase for life and items that get better with age. Items that are a big part of our lives that we use day in day out, but tend not to invest in.

Wallets for me ended up being a commodity. Something I’d have for a few years, have it break and then I’d buy another one for £20.

As I started to be more intentional about my possessions, I was willing to spend more money on things that would last. A pair of leather boots, a cast iron pan, Patagonia t-shirt, my chef knife. All things that I know over time will get better, or with due care, I can keep in good shape.

But these are all things that will be distinctly mine. Things that have come on a journey with me over time. Things that I’ve enjoyed spending hours maintaining to keep that edge, develop the coating, or a work in a unique patina.

I started Whitstable Craft Co to bring this idea to something that is uniquely our own - our wallet.

This is an item that spends the single most time on our person (possibly aside from our phone) and gets the most intense daily use. In and out of our pocket, cards and cash being brandished throughout the day.

This is the exact item I wanted to make with the highest possible quality. It needs to be made of the best leather, hand stitched for durability and will develop a patina over time that will make it uniquely yours.

I cut every piece of leather, build the layers of the wallet, saddle stitch the seams and finish the edges all by hand - to give the guarantee that this is an item of the highest quality and not mass produced.

I put my heart and soul into every wallet I make, as I know it will be such an integral part of your everyday life. I want it to be something that goes on a journey with you and your experiences.

And you might be wondering why Whitstable? Well, it’s where every wallet is made, in this little seaside town on the south east coast of England. Rich with culture, heritage and its quirks. Just like your wallet.

“The first day you own it will be the worst it ever feels”