Our Story

Getting a high-quality minimalist wallet in the UK was a real struggle for me. There were good alternatives in the USA and across Europe, but nothing I could find in the UK that was exactly what I was looking for.

As someone who doesn't carry a large amount of cards or cash with me, I like something super minimal that I can fit the bare essentials thats sleek and made from the best materials. I could get something from M&S or Fossil, but I always thought they were just all mass produced and low quality - so I set out to make my own.

I started to learn about leathercraft and how it was possible to create my own leather goods from scratch. With a little bit elbow grease and a touch of craftmanship, Whitstable Craft Co was born.

A small workshop was set up in my garage with the bare essential tools, leather ordered from the best suppliers across the country and I got to work crafting the minimalist wallets I needed.

There is something therapeutic about making things with your hands, starting out with a large piece of leather and in a few hours bringing it together into a beatiful, minimal wallet. No screens, no music, just the dulcet tones of craft.

I put the same amount of passion into every wallet on this site that you purchase, made to order, from scratch.