About Whitstable Craft Co.

Hi, I'm James, founder of Whitstable Craft Co.

Over the past few years I’ve become more fond of things I can purchase for life and items that get better with age. Things that we use day in day out, but tend not to invest in.

Wallets especially ended up being a commodity for me. I'd pick one up for £20, have it fall apart after a year and then buy another one.

As I started to be more intentional about my possessions I was willing to spend more money on things that would last. A pair of leather boots; a cast iron pan; my kitchen knife.

I started Whitstable Craft Co. to make a wallet that will last. Not a replaceable commodity. Made with the best leather, hand stitched for durability and finished with a personal touch.

I put my heart and soul into every wallet I make, as I know it will be such an integral part of your everyday life. I want it to be something that goes on a journey with you.

And you know why else I do it? I just love handcrafting leather wallets. In my past life I've been glued to a desk for 8 hours a day staring at screens, only to come home to stare at another screen to wind down. I wanted to do something tactile, yet creative. Handmaking leather goods is exactly that for me.

Oh, what's the name all about? Whitstable? It’s where the journey started for me, in a little seaside town on the south east coast of England. Rich with culture, heritage and its quirks. Just like your wallet.