Introducing Whitstable Craft Co

Introducing Whitstable Craft Co

We're proud to announce that Fiberoll is rebranding to Whitstable Craft Co. A time comes in a business' life that a name isn't so suitable, that time is now, and we're delighted with our new brand.

We started out as Fiberoll selling small leather goods and phone cases. This was a name that worked for us in the beginning, but as our customer base grew locally people often were confused by the name. What does it mean? How do you pronounce it? How does it relate to leather goods?

We found that replying to these questions that we didn't have very good answers to each. So, instead of confusing customers further, we made the exciting decision to rebrand.

The new name is now more understandable, but far more meaningful. Whitstable is the beautiful seaside town on the South East Coast of the UK where we've been based since the very beginning. With more of our customers from here and so many of the designs inspired by the materials here, we figured we'd make the name based off Whitstable. We also craft leather goods, and we're a company, thus Whitstable Craft Co.

Partnering with the fantastic leather goods focused designer, Mason Premo, who understood our vision. Taking the beach huts, piers, boats and storefronts in the harbour into a unique and classic logo.

We're also introducing Jasper into the brand, our cat that used to sleep in the workshop as we'd craft the leather wallets. Unfortunately, Jasper passed away at just 10 years old and was very special to us, so we thought he could live on through Whitstable Craft Co.

We hope you love the brand as much as we do! Thanks for all the support over the years ❤️

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