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Upgrade your desk setup with this beautiful leather mousepad. Made from thick Buttero leather from the Walpier tannery in Italy, this is a mousepad designed to last. Each one is hand burnished to create stunningly smooth edges, making it the perfect place to rest your mouse.


1. Does running a mouse over it constantly cause any wear to the mat (prematurely)?

The leather has been tested for months on end without any wear. In fact, over time the leather will develop a patina that is completely unique to you. The leather goods from this store should last you for years, but if you’re unhappy, check the Craftsman’s guarantee.

2. Does the mouse work as it should? I know certain surfaces make it behave a bit funny

Yes. The leather is smooth and has very little ripples, meaning the mouse can track no problem. If you have any problems with your mouse, you’ll get a no-questions asked refund.

3. Does the bottom side adhere well to the desk and not slip?

For most surfaces, yes. It’s the natural leather flesh side on the bottom of the pad. I’ve tried it on a bunch of desks without problem. Again, if you have any problems, you can have a no-questions asked refund.