The Craftsman's Guarantee

I guarantee that:
  • Each item will be made completely by hand from the first cut to the final burnish, by a single craftsman.
  • No item will be the same,. Each will have its own character.
  • It will not be perfect. There will be deviations in the stitch line, a mark from the crafting process or an omission of right-angles.
  • The leather will be the best quality and natural, meaning it might have different markings depending on the hide.
  • Every cut, stitch and punch will be carried out with love, care and a smile on my face.
  • It will last you forever, if not I’ll replace it.
  • I will not be buying anything extravagant with the money from your purchase. It will most likely be spent on more leather tools.
  • It will smell bloody incredible.

With 🧡, James

Founder of Whitstable Craft Co.